Jan Vesth-Wiersholm

I’m Production Director in Finished Goods Production for the manufacturing of non-sterile liquid products, tablet manufacturing and packaging – we are about 90 people in my area.

Jan at work
We have to follow lots of GMP rules and document almost everything we do to make sure that patients will receive safe and efficacious products. We are inspected regularly by various authorities, and we always need to be “tuned in” with regards to all relevant requirements.

Keeping our supply chain running smoothly requires a lot of planning: Do we need new equipment? More people? Project a new process line? Or shut down an old one? It’s about relating to a continuously changing world and environment.

This corresponds directly to the LEO values such as innovation, competitiveness and adaptability, and it fits very well with my own perception of which key elements are the most important in order to stay in business and improve the commercial platform.

The challenge is to make sure, at all times, that we produce the right quantities in time to meet orders from Sales.

Two days are never the same
What’s great about working here, is that no days are ever the same. There’s so much variation! Just getting the balance right between compliance and efficiency is a full-time job – there’s always something new going on in Production.

I’m proud to be working with such enthusiastic colleagues – who wish to do an effort to help people who suffer from various deceases. We’re passionate about what we do – and that it is products helping people are important. And face it! - No matter what your function is or what you are working with - if it is spiced up with passion, it is so much more fun and the chance of success is significantly higher.

From green field to factory
One of my most challenging projects at LEO, was to build a new tablet manufacturing facility. Top management gave me a big bag of money, a green field and asked me to put a factory on it! We started out by projecting, then we dug a huge hole, and two years later we qualified new equipment in a state of the art factory and trained people to operate it. What a great experience!
In Denmark LEO is considered a relatively large company, but internationally and in pharmaceutical auspices LEO is quite a small "player". As an employee, this makes you feel closer to the decision making and that your involvement and commitment makes an important difference.

Life before LEO
After having graduated as a Mechanical and Process Engineer, I worked for a small engineering consultancy specialised in projects for the pharmaceutical industry. LEO Pharma was one of our clients.
After three years, I started to work within the oil industry where I stayed for two years. Then one of the contacts I’d made at my first company got in touch – he worked at LEO and suggested I apply for a job in Production. That was ten years ago, and now I am managing a large part of Production here.
Starting out at a small engineering consultancy and then working for “giants” like LEO gave me some great insights and ability to see things in different perspectives. Today some of our reliable service suppliers are quite small. I appreciate the challenges they face, and when possible always try to create win-win situations for both sides.

A dynamic place to work
I didn’t expect to be here for as long as ten years. But with so many challenges and exciting projects, I have had no reason to go elsewhere. It’s a story that many people can tell at LEO. Maybe it’s because we dare to take initiatives; we throw ourselves into projects and take every opportunity to try something new. It’s a very dynamic, engaging place to work.
I see LEO as a company offering a wide range of opportunities to employees that dare challenge themselves and show initiative within various kinds of tasks and assignments.

A solid platform for growth
We’re owned by the LEO foundation, and have the financial solidity to invest in necessary change, which is essential if we’re going to stay ahead in the pharmaceutical business. Our workforce is highly skilled, and we have a solid base for the future with good resources, competitive products and an exciting pipeline. I’m excited by the prospect of expanding as a company. I’d like to see us take our place alongside the major-league players. And I believe we can.

Going for Gold
We set the bar high at LEO. That’s why we’re talking about - “Going for Gold”. In my own work and part of the organisation, I find it motivating to be a part of a "team" that "high fives" going for gold.

Jan at leisure
I treasure and prioritise my family highly. My wife, two children and myself find pleasure in getting exciting experiences when travelling. Living an active life is important to me. A good run in the nature or a trip to our local gym is a nice way for me to “recharge my batteries”. I also like scuba diving. It’s not just the peacefulness and stillness of that underwater world. It’s also the planning and preparation. A good dive takes a lot of teamwork and co-ordination.