Paola Lovato

I work as a Research Scientist in Discovery – we are the people at LEO Pharma that creates and tests ideas for new drugs.

Paola at work
I apply all my knowledge of biology and immunology to test the ideas and generate the data that LEO Pharma needs to create a new drug. I do most of my work in the early phase of drug discovery. In Discovery, our work is inspired by the people who really need the new drugs we develop.

Diversity that promotes innovation
There are several reasons why I like to work at LEO Pharma. One of these is that there is a lot of diversity here at LEO Pharma. All my colleagues are very different individuals coming from different countries, (I, for example, come from Italy), having different educational and personal backgrounds, some have families and some do not. Our different ways of doing things and looking at things forces us to discuss and listen to each other’s ideas. It forces us to innovate, creating a dynamic way to interact within our (many) teams.

People with passion

At LEO Pharma I am working with people who share my passion. We feel privileged to do work that will help people who are not so lucky. It is great to be part of a team that really wants to make a difference.

Paola’s challenge at LEO
When I joined LEO Pharma in August 2005, I felt like I was entering a new era in the company with organisational changes and new opportunities ahead. And that suited me, because I like a challenge as well as the feeling to be at the beginning of something new and exciting.

Moreover, I think that at LEO Pharma there are many professional challenges, values and opportunities, creating a very inspiring atmosphere to work in.

Importantly, I have the opportunity to participate in courses and conferences focusing on different aspects of science and biomedical research that can educate and inspire me with respect to new methods, biological understanding and new therapeutical interventions because an approach to tackling one disease can often be applied to another.

Paola at leisure
In the past I have danced classical ballet for many years, but now I have put my passion in Flamenco. It is not just a dancing, clapping and stamping your foot to Spanish guitars; it is a life style!
I like travelling and, when I am in a new place, I do not make a list of churches and museums to see. I sit down with a coffee and watch people. For me, it is about enjoying the atmosphere and being spontaneous.