Influence of [2H]-labelled acetic acid as solvent in the synthesis of [2H]-labelled perhexiline

Schou S C

J Label Compd Radiopharm 2010; 53: 31–35

Preparation of deuterium-labelled perhexiline from an unsaturated analogue was performed via reduction with deuterium gas and PtO2 in acetic acid. Low incorporation was observed when using acetic acid as solvent (most abundant mass peak was M), but when changing the solvent to deuterium-labelled acetic acid, e.g. acetic acid-OD or acetic acid-d4, a higher incorporation was observed (most abundant mass peak was M). Using hydrogen gas instead of deuterium gas with deuterium-labelled acetic acid, high levels of deuterium incorporation were observed (most abundant mass peak was M). An attempt to reduce a precursor with a fully deuterated pyridine to obtain perhexiline with a higher content of deuterium failed. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.