Critical care

As one of our focus areas, LEO Pharma is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals all over the world prevent and treat potentially life-threatening and disabling diseases such as thromboembolic and kidney disorders.

LEO Pharma has been providing products for critical care patients for more than 50 years. Since the 1940s, our passion for research into potentially life-changing therapies has grown stronger with each new clinical landmark.

Today, our extensive knowledge includes the way healthcare professionals and patients experience living with life-critical disorders – knowledge we use to make drugs that make their lives as comfortable as possible. This is what drives our research and motivates everyone at LEO to excel.

Listening to the needs of healthcare professionals and patients, and sharing our company’s knowledge with them face-to-face, are two of our key strengths.

More information for patients
Find out more about how we can help with the prevention and treatment of blood clots and complications of reduced kidney function.

More information for healthcare professionals
Read more about our continued commitment to thrombosis and kidney disorders.